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This is not the first instance of pedophilia among refugees. Teenage boys are being raped in the Calais Jungle, aid workers have claimed, amid concerns over the lack of child protection measures in place in the refugee camp – and the risks of abuse facing thousands of displaced children across the continent.
Medical volunteers helping those camped outside the French town told The Independent they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months. who claimed to have been raped. They all had injuries consistent with these claims.
Another boy was allegedly brutally raped in southwestern Vienna by a 20-year-old refugee in the changing rooms at a swimming pool.
The anons on the image board followed the images to find the girls and warned their parents but were met with the mothers and older sisters telling the anons that this behavior is normal. Why are they so worried to say it as it is?
It would seem like Swedes and Fins would rather not talk about this issue, after all, they are just innocent refugees who come from a violent and war torn country, they don’t know how to act in our countries.
Today, Europe is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Sweden alone took in nearly 163,000 refugees in 2015, according to the country’s migration service.
Refugees have been the cause of many problems in Europe in recent months. Mass rapes in Cologne, rapes of aid workers in refugee camps and the gang rape of a 12 year old boy are just a few things.
Sweden alone saw 77% of it’s rapes commited by it’s 2% Muslim population. Finland is taking in only 750 a year and are already experience troubles. When will Europe learn?
What comes around goes around.
Don’t you want to destroy every Muslim, to help restore peace, but also remove those that back Islam as they are just as evil.
As much as I see what is happening and hate what I see also stems from the free society these countries adapted and, I belive in stripping away Christian values. There is a darker side to Scandinavia where the Vikings participated with the Muslims in the slave trade.
To me the only reason the Mediterranean, and Atlantic slave trade stopped considerable was it wss costing European countries and USA lots of money. Not for the people but money brought on the end to the Barbary Coast pirates with Battle of Derne. US Marines first engagement overseas.
Islam’s Role in the Viking & Atlantic Slave Trades.
Dear knightsstrength; I too have been saying all along that until every Muslim on the face of this earth is “removed” from the face of this earth … there will be no chance of peace upon it. There is no other way to combat Islamic jihad unless we are willing to wage it in return with equal or greater brutality. I am a knight. I am a fighter. I descend from a family of Spanish knights who fought in Reconquista. My wife’s 32 great uncle was Master of Templars in England. I know the history all too well and we seemed doomed to repeat it. I would be willing to go to war (at my advanced age) just to try to save Western Civilization for my descendants and theirs. It is in my blood. But I can’t get people around me to even understand how serious an issue this is. I try every day because the only way I know of (at present) to combat this evil is to try to enlighten the people around me. Point them to blogs like BNI and others. Compel them to study Islam’s Satanic practices. Let them know that the pedophilia shown here is real and is socially acceptable in the Islamic world.
Wicked Woman says.
Obviously it’s also socially acceptable to the Swedes and Fins.
1.2 billion we will wait for you.
These North European Scandinavians (Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, and Finns) are an embarrassment to their Viking ancestors.
Mrs. Pharaoh says.
I agree Bob. I am a Viking descendent and can’t believe what has become of these once great nations of WARRIORS. Even their women were warriors!
I have to admit this leaves me a little shaken. I was soooo hoping we would see the females of the a Western nations waking up and becoming moma Bears, but this looks like capitulation from the strongest arm of our society, the Mother instinct. It is devastating to see this filth just walking in and taking over. Well we will either roll over and pee on ourselves or we will arm up… Promanutis promanitus… Forewarned is forearmed!
These parents live in a fairy tale, obviously…
This is really happenning here in Europe. I’m French, and I can say medias lie to us, no one can see anything of what’s really going on.
“Migrants” juste arrived everywhere, if you say you don’t want them you’re juste called a racist, and you’re told racism is worst than being raped because it lasts longer.
I’m shocked people can only imagine these people are peaceful and juste want to live among us. The truth is that they destroy, steal, rape and spit on us.
This is the only thing they do, anyway.
Have some pride White European men and women. Do not lay with these mud races. You pollute the race. Every other race is allowed to be proud of who they are. You have been beaten into submission. Resist or perish.

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